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Its Easy to upgrade your Mac Mini!

Welcome to Mac Mini CPU

The one stop shop to bring your Mac Mini Intel up to speed.
No need to trash your Mini trying to open your Mac Mini with a putty knife we do all the upgrades for you!

We specialize in the following upgrades:

Core 2 Duo

CPU Upgrades:
2.00GHz T7200 Intel Core 2 Duo- only $180
GHz T7400 Intel Core 2 Duo- only $225
2.33Ghz T7600 Intel Core 2 Duo- only $300

CPU Upgrade Packages for all Core Solo and Core Duo Mac Mini's. That's faster than the fastest Mac Mini that Apple© has offered*!

7200RPM Hard Drives

Hard Drive upgrades: Starting @ $99
250GB 7200RPM Super Fast Hard Drive
320GB 7200RPM Super Fast Hard Drive
500GB 5400RPM Jumbo Hard Drive 3X larger than the largest drive offered in the Mini by Apple©

Optical Drive Upgrade Super Drive upgrade $99
Hyperx Memory

Memory Upgrades:
2GB DDR2 667MHz- only $40
3GB DDR2 667Mhz- only $55

*In Mac Mini Intel models from Early 2006 to Late 2008 reffering to the T7400 and T7600 CPU's.

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